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Explore Catalonian Crags in Lleida

Escalada a la Vall d'Ëger (Montsec, La Noguera)

To most, the image of Catalonia is that of sunny Barcelona, but head just inland from the Med, and you’ll be in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. Forming the rugged border between France and Spain, their sheer walls and deep chasms hide ancient villages with Romanesque churches and castles, and are popular with hikers, birders and rock climbers.

The Lleida Province (one of the 4 provinces that make up modern Catalonia, including Barcelona, Girona and Tarragona) is dotted with hundreds of rock climbing spots on the spectacular gorges like Terradets, Mont Roig, Mont Rebei, Collegats and Vilanova de Meia. Mountain villages––like Abella de la Conca––also offer excellent climbing opportunities.

Abella de la Conca
Home to just 120 inhabitants, quaint Abella is one of Catalonia’s most beautiful villages. Surrounded by pristine nature at the foot of the Carreau and Boumort Sierras, the village is home to an 11th century church (with rare romantic paintings) and a town square where locals still fetch water from the plaza fountain. Some of the houses are cut into the rock while Griffon vultures are a common sight.


The unique landscape surrounding the village were once an ideal hideaway for smugglers, but today are hotspots for geologists and climbers. Just a stone’s throw from the main square, the limestone cliff walls offer around 200 routes of many grades, and are in season mainly from September to June.

Climbing here is not for beginners – many routes are graded as 5 and above, with lots of technical walls and slab climbing. There are no less than 7 climbing areas; some routes are shadowed by overhangs, allowing you to climb even in summer.

Other climb areas
Easier climbs can be found around the Paret de les Bagasses at Terradets and Roca dels Arcs at Vilanova de Meia, both providing fully and partially bolted routes from 4+ to 7b.

The climbs at Collegats gorge are on conglomerate rock, where you can climb routes on strange rock formations, especially at Zona de la Figuereta.


The red limestone of Mont Roig dominates the skyline; while tackling its bolted routes, you may have the opportunity to witness a sea of mist that obscures the plains far below.

The Mont Rebei gorge offers big wall challenges of up to 650m. This area is only for experts, and climbs are only by special arrangement. However, the gorge does have excellent hiking trails, where you can spot local birdlife which include huge vultures and lammergeiers.

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