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Core-engaging chairs


Most of us spend long hours sitting on a chair, working the day away on our computers, and this doesn’t do our health any good. This sedentary lifestyle actually heightens cardiovascular diseases and colon cancer, as well as other diseases such as osteoporosis and slower brain functions. To counter this, here are 5 types of core-engaging chairs that can provide a more active alternative to the standard desk chair – one that allows you to wobble, bounce and overall, engage your muscles while you sit at your desk in the office.

Wellness Ball
Shaped like a normal gym ball, this chair is actually heavier at the bottom, which allows it to provide greater stability and comfort. The base is also coated with non-slip material, and a nylon zipper ensures that the ball is inflated to the right pressure. This allows the user to maintain correct posture and helps reduce the risk of back problems by engaging the back to perform a series of micro-movements that improve the spine-stabilizing action of abdominal and lumbar muscles as well as stretching, muscle strengthening, toning and elongation exercises all in a small space.

Wobble Stool
The self-stabilizing and weighted rounded bottom returns upright after usage, and allows natural tilting motions in all directions so core muscles will be working overtime to keep the person balanced in it. As the stool is also adjustable, it allows it to work as both a seat or as a standing aid.

Inspired by the rocking of ocean buoys, the contoured base helps you to tilt and swivel and engages your core by keeping you moving throughout the day. With up to 12 degrees of tilt, core muscles are fire up as you lean in and swivel, while your legs work to keep you balanced, upright and focused on the task at hand.

Aeris Swopper
The Swopper makes you straighten the upper part of your body, which frees the diaphragm for one to breathe deeper and stimulate circulate. As a result, you would be able to have better performance and higher concentration. Also, the entire body is slightly in motion all the time, making the muscle groups remain active and well supplied with blood, and since the joints are also moving, this stimulates the formation of synovia (joint fluid) which helps prevent arthritis and tightens ligaments and tendons.

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