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Meet These Working Dogs on Your Next Trip


It is hard to imagine a world with no cuddly, loyal dogs by our side. Dogs have been our companion for hundreds of years not only as a domestic pet, but assisting us in crucial jobs. Dogs have helped soldiers, the blind, police and many more. Some even make travelling more fun.

Saint Bernards of Switzerland


Famous for saving lives of lost mountaineers, Saint Bernards have been bred on this Alpine pass by Augustinian monks since the Middle Ages. The dogs were first attributed to carrying loads, and later as avalanche search dogs. Today, the friendly canines can be viewed all summer long on the Great Saint Bernhard, and hiking with them is an unforgettable highlight.

Sled Dogs of the Arctic Circle

Sled Dogs Adamczak Husky

Modern sled dogs are normally chosen for their size, brute strength, and stamina, but are generally mixed-breed huskies – aka ‘Alaskan huskies’ – who have been bred for generations for sledding jobs. Commercial dog sled rides are available in many locations near the Arctic Circle, including Scandinavia, Canada, and Alaska. Despite their rough demeanor, these dogs can be very playful, and some sledding operators will let you visit their kennels where you can see puppies.

Ski Patrol/Avalanche Rescue Dogs at Ski Resorts


Skiers and snowboarders love snow. So do dogs. Virtually every American (and European) ski resort has a canine staff, and you may notice Man’s Best Friend riding the lifts, cruising around piggy-back on snowmobiles, running behind a skier, or just chilling out. These highly trained rescue dogs use their speed and incredible sense of smell to locate buried avalanche victims faster than any known alternative.

Bird-Chasing Airport Dog


Image Credit: Michigan Radio

At airports everybody has specific jobs to make sure operations run smoothly for positive results, and one of these jobs for an airport in Michigan involves chasing birds of the runway. The airport employ a border collie called Piper, a wildlife control K-9, whose job is to make sure the runways is clear of all animals.

San Francisco’s Welcome Dogs  


Image credit: Dogster

Often when sitting in an airport waiting for your flight you can often feel bored, and if you have kids, need some entertainment to brighten up the day. Luckily the Wag Brigade at San Francisco International Airport are a squad of friendly dogs – carefully selected by the SPCA for their temperament and airport suitability – for people to pet and cuddle. The squad dons vests that say “Pet Me”, inviting anyone to come and enjoy themselves.

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