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Apps for Active Folks


Research from JMIR (Journal of Medical Internet Research) has shown that exercise app users are more likely to exercise during their leisure time, compared to those who do not. This could be due to the fact that it’s making it easier for users to access. Whether you’re training for your first marathon/triathlon or attempting to shed some weight, or planning to go for nearby classes with a new workout buddy, there’s a download that can help amp up your results.

App to Find Workout Buddies

Everyone knows that having a workout buddy can double your performance because someone’s there to motivate you. This is a popular psychological concept known as the Kohler Motivation Gain Effect. But what happens when you 1) can’t find a friend who’s free, or 2) your friend has a different workout level?

Local app startup MotivatorMob is a social platform akin to Tinder for workout buddies, connecting people who are interested in the same activity no matter what the sport or fitness level. In this free app, users create a ‘session’ such as soccer or run, and other users can join. Available on Apple or Google app stores for free.

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Apps for Personal Training

Touted as the first one-stop integrated mobile fitness and health app in Asia, Active8me comprises customised workouts, nutrition plans, mindset lessons, community bonding and tools to track progress. The flexible range of programmes written by experts – including former Olympians, to dieticians and doctors – for all adults, body types and fitness levels, with goals like losing weight, getting fit/toned, and running (10km, 21km, 42km).

You can download a 21-day free trial before the official 12-week programme. The 3-month programme is recommended as results can be best seen within that duration. It’s available on Apple or Google app stores (21-day free trial); with membership fees applicable monthly (S$28.98), 3-months (S$73.98), or even yearly (S$268.98).

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8fit is a British-based workout app that offers both personalised fitness and a variety of diet programmes. After inputting your personal data (gender, goals, age, height weight, etc, coaching tips and motivation are offered through routine notifications. The programmes come with exercise routine, interactive demos, and workout tips that you can track with your wearable device. It’s also got easy-to-prepare custom meal plans.

The app includes three packages (one is free), all with differing features. Each plan takes about 15-20 minutes, and is Apple Health/Watch compatible. Available on Apple or Google app stores; free trial subscription, as well as 3-month (£34.99) or 1-year (£54.99) packages.


App for Trekking

Trekkers with Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches or Apple Watch can now view detailed hiking maps for 23 countries (in Europe, USA, Canada, and New Zealand) on their wrist with the ViewRanger app. It’s designed to let you navigate hands-free on any terrain – it pinpoints your exact location using GPS and real-time compass directions, tracks your movements on zoomable offline maps, and allows you to record every outdoor adventure. It’s available as a free update to ViewRanger for mobile, which is free to download on Google and Apple (maps sold separately).


Apps for Classes & Gym Sessions

By now, everyone’s probably heard of ‘fitness passes’ such as KFit or GuavaPass. Both work in similar ways – by joining a membership (with monthly fees), the apps allow you to select classes in cities across Asia.

At the moment, GuavaPass has a wider reach – with access to 10 cities (Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Beijing, Manila, Seoul, and Jakarta), and the pass allows users access to classes in all these cities. Classes range from yoga to kickboxing, spinning to CrossFit or Pilates, and there are also membership perks with privileges from healthy-living partners (like organic food retailers or spa providers). Membership options include trial (S$99/mo) which includes 4 classes per month, as well as 3-months (S$169/mo), and monthly (S$179/mo), both with unlimited classes.

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KFit also has a wide range of classes and activities available – these range from yoga to boot camps, and even spa sessions and gym usage. Unlike GuavaPass, you can view the available classes for free (prices for classes are displayed), or you can subscribe to the monthly fitness membership called KFit Fitness Pass, which provides access to fitness activities for a fixed monthly fee. Some classes are exclusive to KFit members. While you can access KFit classes in 4 countries it’s active in (Singapore, KL, Manila, Hong Kong), you can only use the Fitness Pass subscription in your original city. The KFit Fitness Pass gives you 10 fitness activities for S$129 per month.


Both GuavaPass and KFit are available as mobile apps via Apple and Google, as well as on desktop.

Disclaimer: Information about the apps are accurate at the time of writing, but may change as the apps upgrade.

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