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Bormida Mayor retracts offer to people to move here

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In an attempt to save a village in Italy from becoming a ghost town, the mayor was reportedly offering €2,000 (SGD$3,066) to anyone who wishes to move to this remote mountain village.

Located in the north-west Liguria region, Bormida sits 420m above sea level and houses 394 people.

Because of young people leaving the village to find work in the city of Savona, this initiative was set up by Mayor Daniele Galliano with a goal of injecting life back into the village, as it has been recently dwindling. Although Galliano wrote on her Facebook page about offering €2,000 to those who agree to move to the village, the post has since been deleted as it was only supposed to be a proposal. However, the village received a reported 17,000 inquiries on the matter.

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To clarify the previous post, Galliano says, in another FB post: “This will be my last post and I hope to be able to provide clarity. It was just an idea I proposed to the region of Liguria, which I am in contact with. The news was incorrectly reported and has reached a worldwide audience. Italy is a beautiful country, but like others, is in an economic crisis. Unfortunately it’s not really possible to find help for all. Thank you for your interest.”

All’s not lost though, if you still want to move to this idyllic Italian village, there is another incentive. Galliano has made renting a place in the village cheaper for interested parties, where a small property will only cost €50 a month and a larger property will cost €120. These prices are expected to be in effect starting this summer.

You may not be getting €2,000, but at least the rent is way cheaper than anything you can get in Singapore…

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