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Animals Caught in Compromising Positions


‘A tough day at the office’ © Angela Bohlke


While there may be plenty of prestigious (read: serious) photography awards these days, there’s no doubt that most of us would agree that the most endearing is the ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.’

While we’re so used to seeing nature in compelling shots that frame plenty of magazine covers, we rarely get to see the other side – something that’s more adorable, and downright goofy. That’s what this annual competition is about: showcasing Mother Nature’s comedic side.

These photos prove that there’s more to wildlife than meets the eye.

Case in point: some bears aren’t great hunters after all, like this grizzly who’s failing at this sushi conveyor belt.


‘Grizzly bear fail’ © Rob Kroenert

We all think that cats are graceful creatures, but then again, that face tells us it’s not the case.


© Ross Couper

And if you think bird poop is bad enough, imagine what this buffalo’s thinking (probably KNN).


‘Head shot’ © Tom Stables

Sometimes animals also communicate with sign language. Apparently this ram is telling the other ram directions to the next harem.


© Patricia Bauchman

Sometimes, we may even discover a new mythical creature…


‘Angel bear’ © Adam Parsons

Of course, none of these photos would work if the photographer’s timing was just a second off. If you want to see more amazing (and hilarious) works, check out the official site.

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