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Welcome to the World’s First Beer Hotel

DogHouse (3)
Image credit: BrewDog

Beer enthusiasts rejoice! Located inside a working brewery, the world’s very first crowdsourced beer hotel that is complete with in-room taps and shower minibars is finally opened.

Scottish beer company BrewDog launched a campaign in March last year to fund for a craft beer hotel. Now, the 32-room hotel DogHouse that is located in Columbus, Ohio is all ready for operation and inviting guests and beer enthusiasts from all over the world to wake up inside a brewery.

DogHouse (2)
Image credit: BrewDog

Upon arrival, bartenders will assist guests on their check in procedure while they sip on complimentary beer. Rooms are furnished with beer taps filled with seasonal BrewDog beer and minibars stocked with beer in every room and shower, guaranteed to provide a wholesome craft beer experience. To top if all off, there are malted barley massages for a vitamin B-rich spa experience.

DogHouse (1)
Image credit: BrewDog

You can opt for rooms that have views of BrewDog’s brewing facility where guests will also be provided with an all-access pass to watch brewers at work from the comfort of their own bedroom windows.

The hotel lobby will feature games such as beer pong that both hotel guests and brewery visitors can take part in. In addition, the site also features a 6,000 square foot interactive beer museum that will take visitors through the brewing process and introduce the history of craft beer.

DogHouse is currently the world’s first and only venue to provide a fully immersive craft beer experience. Room rates for standard-sized rooms begin at US$162 per night while the BrewMaster Suite start at US$284 a night.

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