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Wake Up to the Sight of the Pantheon

Pantheon Piazza

Being recognised as the ‘work of Angels’ by an awe-struck Michelangelo himself, the Pantheon is an ancient temple-turned-church is praised as the best preserved monument of the Roman Empire.

Imposed by dark marble that surrounds you as you enter, a single beam of light radiates down the oculus situated in the middle of the dome, a greeting that seems to come from straight from the heavens. The Pantheon, other than the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, is in everyone’s must-see list when in Rome.

The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel

However, relishing in the divine moment around the crowds of Piazza della Rotonda proves to be rather difficult. Why not book a room that overlooks marvellous dome, just around the Via di S. Chiara, in the city’s newest five-star hotel – The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel. Some of the hotel’s guest rooms and suites overlook the monument from atop and provides a view of the city’s other historical rooftops.


As you step inside the impressive marble lobby, its interior will remind you of the ancient monument itself. Though the hotel’s 79 guest rooms and suites are decked out in modern aesthetics such as minimalistic furniture and dazzling design, the overall architecture of the hotel still nods towards the familiar arches and the circular lighting, reminiscent of the Pantheon’s most recognised feature.

The hotel is also throwing an aperitivo series called the Iconic Sunset, which happens every Thursday till mid-October. The Iconic Sunset happens to be somewhat like a ‘ritual’, where guests could drink spiced wine out of original carafes just like how the Ancient Romans did.

A special rate on classic rooms start from $489 per night and an opening package that includes 20 percent off for stays of two nights or more. Room upgrades are subject to availability and would be offered till 30 September.

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