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Zanzibar: Land of History and Spices

Home to the shortest wars to have ever taken place in history, lies the 19th century palace right in the centre of Stone Town. The island of Zanzibar is about 30-miles off the coast of Tanzania and is a beacon for the historical event.

Constructed by the second Sultan of Zanzibar, Barghash bin Said, The House of Wonders was built at 1883 as a ceremonial palace. The doors were built extra large so that the Sultan could enter the palace on a back of an elephant. Being a first in East Africa, the palace already had electricity and a working elevator from the beginning.

 House of Wonders (1)

After the death of the Sultan, his brother Khalid bin Barghash seized the throne which angered the British forces at that time. The British forces then launched a naval bombardment which lasted for only 38 minutes, hence making the record of the shortest war to go down in history.

You can still catch a glimpse of the House of Wonders’ ruins today. Walk through the corridors and rooms that the Sultans have walked through and see a collection of antiques. Displayed inside the House of Wonders is a 56-foot mtepe ship, bronze cannons and a track from the old Zanzibar Railroad.

House of Wonders (2)

You can’t leave Zanzibar without trying the local cuisine. Do not be surprised by the spice-filled dishes that you are about to taste when you get to the island. Zanzibar produces nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper and cloves hence earning the nicknames the ‘island of Spices’ or ‘Spice Island’. Locals love to use the native grown spices for their delicacies.

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