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Explore New Cities With Google’s Touring Bird

Image credit: Google

Google’s in-house startup incubator Area 120 has developed a variety of apps, and it is prepared to dazzle us once again with a new tool to help travellers find vacation activities. Touring Bird helps travellers to explore, compare and book experiences all in one place. This website that has been designed for mobile lists tours, attractions and activities that people embark on in popular travel destinations. Depending on your own preferences, choose to filter your preferred price range, time of day, duration and cancellation policies, which makes it convenient for most users.

Currently, Touring Bird only provides information for a select few destinations which include Prague, Toronto, Orlando, Chicago and Amsterdam. The information is only available in English at the moment, and travellers who are comfortable with other languages might not be able to benefit from the site.

What’s interesting about Touring Bird is that travellers may find themselves discovering some tips that even locals might not know about. For example, clicking on cities such as Las Vegas or Barcelona will allow users to see the top three attractions listed right at the top that most if not all travellers would already know about. However, upon scrolling further, users will find tips that even some locals might be unaware of. According to Google, these tips are curated by a team of experts.

The site is also largely beneficial for users who want to gain access to the cancellation policy terms of various tours and attractions as these are usually buried in the fine print or would require you to call up the service providers. As Touring Bird emphasizes on its free activities, it can be used to complement Hopper for discounted flights and Kayak for hotels.

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