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The Future of the Great American Road Trip

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With all things going electric, it’s not a surprise to find chargers protruding at the side of the roads. With the digital age coming upon us in high speed, the ‘Great American Road Trip’ will be getting a tech upgrade in the coming years.

From laid-back convertible road adventures with friends and family to a lone-wolf motorcycle trip, the great American road trip has a stash full of imagination. But times are changing and a more futuristic mode of travel, namely self-driving cars and electrical cars, are speeding up in everyone’s interests.

There’s nothing like hitting the gas and driving on an open road, with the oddly soothing roar of the engine and the faint sight of exhaust trailing behind. But, soon, gone will be the days where traditional fuel powered cars will be conquering the scenic roads of America.

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In the upcoming years, more Americans are likely to go electric for their next vehicle. The environmental impact of electric cars alone is worth it, reducing the use of foreign oil by up to 60% and lower carbon pollution by 20% if the cars in America was switched to hybrids or electric vehicles.

Despite the benefits of converting to an electric, it comes with a cost. Charging an electric vehicle costs almost twice as much as it does to fill a tank with gas. If you were to go on a road trip, the cost to charge up your vehicle throughout would come close to a flight ticket!

A question that comes to mind for electric vehicle owners is, where would you charge your car in the middle of the road?

Fret not, the government is putting in millions into expanding the electric vehicle market, making the thought of being stranded at the side of the road less prevalent. There are now more than 48,000 charging stations nationwide that can be used by almost all electric model, no matter the make or model.

More and more highways in the US are also making road trips much easier. On the east coast, New York will be investing to produce 400 public chargers and 200 fast chargers on its major roadways, while California will be expanding the state’s charging presence in the next five years.

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With the rise of charging stations, gas stations and rest stops would be the next to go. With charging stations taking over, it would be located nearer to upscale shopping malls and other stores. With rest stops also getting a major upgrade. Tesla is making their own rest stop-esque lounge complete with WiFi, coffee and food trucks.

You can definitely count on technological advancements in the coming years for your next high-tech road trips.

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