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The Ghost Town of Chernobyl

Despite being the site of one of the largest nuclear accidents in all of time, the town of Chernobyl Ukraine is wildly booming with dark tourism enthusiasts.

Chernobyl (3)

The village-turned-ghost town was once home to 50,000 people, most of which worked for the nearby nuclear plant, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Pripyat, Chernobyl, was abandoned in 1986 after a reactor in Chernobyl exploded. The explosion caused unruly fires that raged updrafts for nine days, affecting most of the western USSR and northern Europe with nuclear fallout.

Today, Chernobyl has become a popular destination for the bold and macabre tourists. Day-trips organised by local companies offers trips to the area that surround the famous power plant. Most of these trips would normally leave from Kiev early in the morning and would return back 12 hours later after the sightseeing in Chernobyl is done.

Chernobyl (1)

Tourists may not be allowed to enter the power plant itself but it could still be seen from the roads of the town. If you’re at the right place and position, it’s possible to get a glimpse of the sarcophagus of Reactor No. 4. Despite the radiation levels being low enough to accommodate short guided tours, living within the 18-mile radius of the plant is still unsafe.

Chernobyl, once a bustling urban centre, has now frozen in time and is reclaimed by nature. From shops to carnival rides, everything is either covered in dust and/or vines. The residents were only advised to bring clothing and other supplies sufficient for three days as they were told they would be returning to their homes shortly after the explosion. unfortunately,  residents never got to return to their homes and hence had to abandon their belongings.

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Tourists can also tour around the surrounding ghost towns of Pripyat. A Chernobyl day tour can start at $90 depending on which tour package you choose.


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