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Catch Up On Your Sleep in a Mobile Hotel Room at Unique Locations

Image credit: Sleeperoo

Are you someone who’s always on the chase for novel experiences? You might be glad to hear that there is a mobile hotel room that offers overnight accommodation at unusual locations in Germany such as football stadiums, museums, churches and the great outdoors. Since its inauguration, some of the locations include a historic pier in the middle of the Baltic Sea, sleeping in the middle of a fruit tree forest and also an overnight stay in medieval castles.

This novel experience is brought to you by Sleeperoo, which is a sleep cube that stands separately for several months in an exclusive location in nature or perhaps at an exciting cultural spot. Guests can take this opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the place. The whole idea of this is for guests to spend one night alone at a pop-up location of their choice listed on the website where they’ll be able to access an interactive map which provides descriptions of all the dates and locations that are available.

Image credit: Sleeperoo

The Sleeperoo is equipped with a comfortable mattress that fits two adults, sheepskin rugs and pillows, and integrated LED lights. It is complete with three large panoramic windows that provide you with a view of your surroundings as well as the sky above you. Eco-friendly advocates should also be glad to know that the Sleeperoo cube is entirely made out of sustainable materials. In addition, there are snacks and drinks provided in a chillbox. Not to worry, the cube will be cleaned and the mattress will be covered with fresh linen in preparation for each stay. A toilet with washing facilities can also be found in the the immediate vicinity of the cube.

Visit Sleeperoo’s website for more information.

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