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Go Stargazing in These Tiny Cabins

Image credit: Le Carré d’étoiles

Laying in the grass on a blanket and looking up at the stars is pretty nice and serene. But you know what will be even cooler? Looking up the stars while laying on a luxurious micro-house built for you.

Le Carré d’étoiles, designed by architects Louis and Nathalie Blanco, are very tiny but very luxurious camping cubes built with both the perceptive traveller and the night sky in mind. Despite the cabins clocking in between 92-161 square feet, it is equipped with running water, electricity, heater, a full bathroom, living area, TV, coffee pot, terrace and many more.

Image credit: Le Carré d’étoiles

The true star of the show, is the lofted bed placed perfectly underneath a transparent dome. The cubes won’t be complete without their own stargazing chart and other equipment such as a telescope and observation kit, all of which can be used while you lounge in bed all night long.

Not only are the cubes made with the stars in mind, it was also built with Mother Nature in mind. Since nature is very important to the creators of Le Carré d’etoiles, the cubes are entirely made from recycled materials. Also, the cubes can easily be dismantled and be packed away until the next time you go for a stargazing trip, minimizing their impact on the environment when not in use.

 When you book a cabin on Abracadaroom, the company would plant a tree via the Environment & Development program by Planète Urgence. The company currently has more than 20 cubes for rent in 12 locations across France and is already taking reservation for summer 2019.


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