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Let Google Assistant Handle Your Car Rides


All thanks to Google Assistant, everyone can now have their very own personal assistant. Google Assistant, which is available for both iPhone and Android, as well as the Google Home, now has the capabilities of hailing you a car.

Just by saying “Hey Google, book me a taxi to the airport,” Google Assistant will display a list of available ride services. The list is complete with estimated prices and wait times. Next, all you have to do is to select your preferred ride service and the app will proceed to open to confirm the ride.

This feature will be useful for individuals who are running late and are short on time to compare between service providers for the most cost efficient ride. With the help of Google Assistant, users will be able to see all wait times and prices on the same page rather than switching back and forth between apps.

Apart from hailing rides for you, Google Assistant has been extremely helpful in terms of letting you plan your vacation hands-free. From learning a foreign language to finding you flight options and providing information about the weather, you can rely on Google Assistant. Plus, in the earlier half of 2018, Google introduced a feature that has allowed Assistant to book restaurant reservations and salon appointments.

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