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The Westerly Secret Scottish Wilderness


When most people here Ardnamurchan, they would tilt their heads in confusion. Not many seems to know that it’s the most westerly point of the British mainland and is in Scotland.

Formerly home to some of the most remote settlements in Scotland, Ardnamurchan has suffered greatly during the notorious 18th and 19th century Highland Clearances. Townships such as Buarblaig and Skinod were all cleared.

Today, despite being more accessible, Ardnamurchan still hold on to a very hidden-away feel to it. The single-track B8007, twists along the shores of Loch Sunart and around the crater of an old volcano before guiding you to the Atlantic coast. This drive into nature will transport you to a place unknown, or at least a place not much visited.

Once you turn onto the peninsula, you will be greeted by a large cluster of ancient oakwoods that have once spread all over Scotland, giving the region an unkempt and natural feel. Ardnamurchan have successfully missed tourists and weekenders who drive between Fort William and Mallaig, failing to see that there are more to see beyond the Road of the Isles.

What lies along the shores of Loch Sunart is definitely amazing. As you head towards the Atlantic, you will be arriving at Britain’s most westerly mainland point. The title, technically, belongs to the headland of Corrachadh Mor. But the lighthouse at Ardnamurchan Point, which is a short drive away, loudly claims the title.


You can go up the lighthouse for £7.50 or take a five-minute walk around it for free. The lighthouse is a great place to give you a sense of how exposed the battered coastline is. On a clear day, the silhouette of the Small Isles and Skye’s Cuillin range can be seen.

During fall, the sunset blankets Ardnamurchan with a honeydew glow one the fallen leaves and the nights hold potential of northern lights.

Ardnamurchan is an adventure itself but so does getting there. You can hop on the Corran Ferry, a few miles south of Fort William, for a ten-minute crossing. You can travel down the A861 and drive past the eerie ruins of Tioram Castle.

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