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You Can Now Enjoy the Alps’ Autumn Foliage Onboard a Train


It’s Autumn again and you’ll be thrilled to know that spectacular foliage views can be expected everywhere in the Northern hemisphere. Enjoy some amazing views in Europe onboard a train ride and witness the colourful change of leaves come October.

The Vigezzina-Centovalli railway is a historical track in the Piedmontese Alps of Italy and brings you across to Switzerland. A Foliage Train has been organised, looking to provide guests with an opportunity to admire the beauty of the fall foliage via a slow-paced train ride from Italy’s Domodossola in the Alps to the Swiss city of Locarno on Lake Maggiore.


This Foliage Train will bring you across 52 kilometres of journeys crossing 82 bridges along the way from Italy to Switzerland and back again. Passenger can choose to hop on at either side and also choose take a stop during the ride either in the Italian Vigezzo Valley or Centovalli in Switzerland.

Stops are made in historical villages such as Santa Maria Maggiore and Malesco, Villette, Re and Intragna just to name a few. Each of the historical villages house their own museums, sanctuaries and not forgetting a gourmet selection of fine food to accompany you while you enjoy the fall foliage of the Alps.

The trains will be running from 13th October all the way till 4th November. It is recommended that you book your tickets in advance as well as your intended stops. This is because buying a ticket might grant you some discounts and free gifts in each of the towns mapped on the Foliage Train’s route.

You can visit the railway’s official website for more information.

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