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Get Yourselves a Free Stay at These B&Bs by Trading Your Skills

Image credit: Barter Week

You can now exchange some goods and services in return for free stays in bed & breakfasts worldwide. Barter Week is happening from 19 to 25 November, where travellers can stay in B&Bs without any payment if you happen to be skilled in manual, teaching or creative tasks. Plus, you can also stay for free if you arrive with something from your home for your bed and breakfast hosts.

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Image credit: Barter Week

Approximately 450 B&Bs in over 60 countries on every continent have signed up for the scheme at the moment. Taking place during the third week of November, Barter Week is the international spin-off of Italy’s “Settimana del Baratto,” the annual event that is promoted by, which will be celebrating its tenth edition this year.

You will be able to browse through a site which contains the listings of the participating B&Bs around the world. Each entry contains a host wish-list that gives you an idea of what is being requested in exchange for the free stay. Once you select your B&B of choice and determine that you’re able to meet any of the requests posted, you can simply contact the hosts and begin bargaining.

In the event that there is no wish list available, you’re able to offer a barter of your own, perhaps language lessons or a collector’s item. If you’re a B&B owner who want to participate in Barter Week, you can simply add your name to the site, with a presentation complete with photos and descriptions of the barter that will be put on offer.

Check out your barter opportunities right here.

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