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Have You Heard About the Vegan Avocado Beer?

Image credit: Long Arm Pub & Brewery

We’ve had a variety of avocado-flavoured food and beverages, from gelato to burger buns and coffee. The latest addition to the avocado family is none other than the avocado beer. Produced by Long Arm Pub and Brewery in London, their limited-edition Avocado Stout will be made available to customers come November 5th.

Breweries often use animal-derived products to clarify beer, but the avocado beer offered will be 100% vegan and it will be launched just in time for Vegan Month in November. Brewed using dark malts together with a subtle creamy avocado flavour and aroma, you will now be able to get a dose of Vitamin C in yoru beers. The beer will not be green in colour, just in case you’re worried it might be a little off-putting.

Brewed in the pub’s brewery, its pumps brews from six 500-litre tanks straight to the glass, eliminating the need for a keg or usage of cask or bottling, ensuring that your beer will definitely be fresh. In addition, there will be no additives or chemicals in it and it has low carbon footprint since it is produced and enjoyed in the same place.

The Avocado Stout will be priced at £5.50, available at Long Arm Pub & Brewery (20-26 Worship Street, London), from 5th November onwards.

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