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Island off Japan Has Just Disappeared


Another island has been engulfed by the seas. According to the Japanese coast guards, a small and inhabited island in northern Japan has just ‘disappeared’ after being worn away by the waves.

The island was called Esanbehana Kita Kojima and was just 1,640 ft. away from a village on the northern coast of Hokkaido before disappearing from sight. The coast guard reportedly went to the area for investigation after a report from local residents that they could no longer spot the island from their shores.

Esanbehana Kita Kojima was only recorded to be 4.6ft above sea level according to a 1987 survey, not taking much for the islet to dip under the seas. Authorities have theorised that the sea and flows of ice could have been the reason for eroding away the land that was left above the sea level.

The islet’s identification was short lived, having to be one of the 158 uninhabited islands that had received its names from the Japanese government in 2014. This was an effort to clarify Japan’s maritime boundaries.

Located near the Northern Territories, a volcanic arc of islands that has been a topic for territorial dispute since being occupied by the Soviet is the last days of WWII, the islands are referred to as the Kuril Islands by Russia before being returned to Japan after the European Parliament passed a resolution.

The loss of Esanbehana Kita Kojima would be affecting the shrinkage of Japan’s maritime territory.

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