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Stay at an Underwater Residence in the Maldives

Wake up and get greeted by the entire underwater world in The Muraka, the world’s first ever underwater residence from Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.

Image credit: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Guests will be fully immersed underwater in the Indian Ocean and the residence also comes with the brand’s undersea restaurant, Ithaa, making it another new travel experience innovation.

Muraka, meaning ‘coral’ in Dhivehi, was designed to seemingly blend into its underwater environment. This allows residents to become one with the lively and diverse ocean life that surrounds them.

The new undersea residence will give guests an entirely new perspective of the Maldives, from the islands’ vibrant shores to its fascinating environment under the sea. The Muraka has two levels, comprising of an above sea level floor and the undersea suite that is 16.4 feet below the ocean’s surface.

Image credit: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

The suite houses a king-sized bedroom, bathroom, living area, and a spiral staircase that leads you to the upper-level living room. In the upper-level of the residence, there is a twin-size bedroom, another bathroom, powder room, a gym, a butler’s and private security quarters, an integrated living room, kitchen, bar, and a dining area. The residence also features a deck that will give you the perfect view to catch a sunset.

If you would prefer to watch the sunrise, do not fret, guests are also able to catch the sun rise from the horizon on the relaxation deck on the opposite side of the villa, which comes with an infinity pool.

The underwater residence starts at $50,000 a night and is now available for booking.

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