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Getaway in this Norwegian book town


The perfect place for bibliophiles and introverts, or simply those who just want to getaway with books, situated in western Norway, Mundal is a village with only about 300 people and more than 150,000 books.

A peaceful escape from the busy world, Mundal is a village of second-hand bookshops, roadside stalls and bookshelves all along the coast of the fjords, embracing its readers. The bookstores sit inside cafes, art galleries and also souvenir store, a book in every nook and cranny for any time of day and occasion.

The best time to make your visit would be during mid-May through June, during this season you can take part in the annual Solstice Book Fair. Dubbed as the Norwegian Book Town, the village has been stacking up their shelves since 1995. It’s said that if you were to line up the towns shelves, it would stretch up to 2.5 miles.

The picturesque book town, the first in Scandinavia, becomes more of an ideal getaway as its surrounded by a beautiful landscape of mountains shaped by glaciers and valleys of supplied by the glacier rivers.


Though Mundal isn’t alone on being a town of books. In Europe, there are a number of Book towns such as the remote Hay-on-Wye in Wales with a population of only 1,400 and thousands of thousands of books taking residence in the towns open-air ‘Honesty Shelves’. In Saint-Pierre-de-Clages in Switzerland has an enchanting book festival and the town has earned the nickname of Swiss Book Town.

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