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The Alaskan town experiencing complete darkness


Previously called Barrow, Utqiagvik has a small population of about 4,000 and is the United States’ northernmost city. For the next two months, the city has gone into total darkness, also known as polar night.

Polar night is a period of time in which towns located in the polar circle’s experience days with no sunrise during the winter, usually occurring from mid-November to end of January.

Though Utqiagvik isn’t the only town to experience polar night, but because of it being so far north, it is the first one to experience the phenomenon. Other towns on the list of polar night include Point Hope, Kaktovik and Anaktuvuk Pass.

However, Utqiagvik won’t be descending in total darkness for the next 65 days. Instead, it would experience ‘civil twilight’, which is when the sun is about 6 degrees below the horizon, creating just enough light for one to see things outside.

The residents of Utqiagvik, an indigenous Inuit ethnic group, are used to the darkness that blankets the city for two months. After the 65 days of living without sunlight, residents would then experience 80 days with no sunsets starting in May.

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