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Be Prepared to Pay Up to €10 to Enter Venice


As part of efforts to improve monitoring of tourist arrivals and assist in the funding of clean-up of litter, day-trippers to Venice will be charged up to to €10 to enter the famous lagoon city.

Millions of tourists set foot on Venice every year and the Italian parliament has approved the entry tax which ranges from €2.50 to €10 depending on the time of year. You may find this familiar as a similar system has been implemented for Elba island, part of the Tuscan archipelago as well as the Aeolian Islands off Sicily.

The mayor of Venice mentioned that the money collected will mainly be used to help fund the cleaning up of rubbish left behind by day-trippers.


Although it is unclear when the tax will be introduced or how it will be implemented, reports in the Italian press suggest that it could be added to the cost of arriving into the city either via train, bus or cruise ship. The transport companies will then hand over the proceeds to Venice authorities.

The tax will not be affecting tourists who are already paying a tourist tax when spending at least one night in the city.

During the peak periods in 2019, gates were installed at the two entry points to the lagoon in an attempt to ease the throng headed towards St Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge. When numbers soar too high, gates will be closed and access is only permitted to those with prior hotel bookings or holding a Venezia Unica pass.

At the same time, authorities are looking to encourage people to visit other lesser-known areas of the Venetian lagoon, or visit the other islands such as Murano and Burano.

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