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Can You Go To Bed Knowing That You’re Surrounded by Lions?

Image credit: Airbnb

You may have travelled the world, climbed several peaks and dived into the deep blue sea, but have you spent the night in close proximity to lions?

Lion House is an Airbnb located in South Africa’s GG Conservation Wildlife reserve. The world famous conservation and wildlife reserve is a lion sanctuary that is home to over 70 magnificent lions. Guests will have the opportunity to sleep just a few feet away from the host lions that live in the sanctuary.

Lion House is a 3 bedroom, self contained cottage, and it is said that you will never be more than 5 metres away from a lion during your stay there. The accommodation costs approximately US$107 per night.

According to the accommodation host and conservation director, being surrounded by 360 degrees of lions can actually create a “surround sound” of roars.

Image credit: Airbnb

Although it may sound intimidating to be sleeping alongside some big cats, you should be comforted to know that the house has an electric fence for some extra security. The strong fencing meets all standards of the South Africa Nature Conservation for captive predators.

At the accommodation, guests will find double beds in every room alongside a beautiful outdoor patio complete with an outdoor barbeque and an excellent view of the resident lions, which are known to come very close to the house. You can even cook your own meals in the full kitchen, or simply relax the night away by the fireplace. To put things into perspective, the lions can be observed as close as 10 feet away from the property.

Guests will also be escorted in and out of the property as they have to drive through a lion camp that has double security gates to enter and exit the property.

With the cottage located on the conservation land, guests can get out and about to explore the natural sights along the hiking paths. If you’re in luck, you might even spot other resident animals such as zebras, ostriches, wildebeests and antelopes, just to name a few.

The booking fees of the accommodation will go towards the conservation which helps to support and protect the lions living in the sanctuary. For more information on the Lion House, you can visit the booking page on Airbnb.

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