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Catch a Glimpse of the Solar Eclipse in South America


Are you travelling to South America this July? You’ll be excited to know that your trip will be extra memorable with the solar eclipse that is happening on 2nd July and will be visible in both Argentina and Chile.

Fun fact: a total solar eclipse is visible from a location on Earth approximately every year and a half. “The path of totality” is identified as the best for viewing any eclipse, and this refers to the centre of the path where the full effect of the eclipse can be seen. The more your deviate from the truth path of totality, you will find the total eclipse becoming a partial eclipse. As for the 2019 eclipse, the path of totality will be crossing a section of land across central Chile and Argentina.


You will find that the total eclipse will be visible just outside of Buenos Aires, which happens to be the most populated area along the path of totality and will be equally crowded as well. Over at Chile, the eclipse will be passing over Elqui Valley. Known for its clear skies and high elevation, the area is a popular stargazing spot and was declared as the the world’s first International Dark Sky Sanctuary.

There are also tours bringing you out to Chile’s Atacama and Coquimbo regions, or various areas in Argentina to catch the eclipse. A number of tours boast experts and eclipse chasers while others bundle in other aspects of South American culture such as wine and hiking.

As a gentle reminder by NASA, travellers should check the weather conditions and forecast prior to the eclipse and select a spot that is most likely to have a cloud-free sky during the eclipse.

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