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Catch a Glimpse of the Wreck of Titanic


You’ll be excited to hear that there are plans to bring people to visit the wreck of RMS Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean this year. Named the Titanic Survey Expedition, this is part of six 11-day missions that have been planned to explore the wreck. The trip is open to both scientists and ‘citizens explorers’ and will cost US$105,129 — equivalent to the cost of a first class ticket on Titanic’s maiden voyage.

There are a total of nine “mission specialist” roles on each mission. Teams will find themselves departing from St. John’s, Newfoundland via air and will meet the Dive Support Ship at sea. These mission specialists will be living and working with the operations crew and content experts through the course of the mission. On top of that, they will find themselves joining at least one 7-hour submersible dive to the Titanic, onboard a vessel called Titan. Mission specialists will have the chance to train and support the operations in various roles ranging from sonar operation, laser scanning, navigation, communications, camera operations and data logging.


Titanic sunk in 1912 and it is decaying rapidly and it might no longer be recognisable as a shipwreck. The team will be collecting 4K images and video, scanning the wreck and debris field to collect laser and sonar data. The collected data will then be used to create a high-resolution 3D virtual model, aiding researchers in accurately assessing the rate of deterioration and at the same time document and preserve the memories of the Titanic.

If you’re keen in joining the missions, you must be aged 18 and above, and at the same time able to board small boats (Zodiacs) in rough sea conditions. Interested applicants will have to demonstrate basic balance, mobility and flexibility and complete a compulsory one-day Helicopter Underwater Egress Training course.

Visit the official site for more information.

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