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Take a Trip to Kazakhstan’s Lake Kaindy


Somewhere in the forests of the Tian Shan Mountains in Kazakhstan lies the beautiful Lake Kaindy. Visitors can visit the lake and take a swim in this surreal underwater world.

The freshwater lake was created by an earthquake back in 1911 and is currently home to a variety of fir trees that stem out from its waters. That’s not all because divers will be excited to hear that they can take a dive into the waters of Lake Kaindy to explore an entire forest sunken beneath its clear waters.

As a result of the earthquake, a natural dam was created and was gradually filled up with rainwater over time. Trees that were damaged during the earthquake were then left submerged in the water.

The fir trees stand tall as they jut out of the depths of the after. However what is most impressive is that these trees still maintain needles on their branches more than a hundred years later. This is a result of the cool temperatures in the water since they are located at an elevation of more than 6,500 feet above sea level.

Diving enthusiasts will be able to explore an underwater oasis that is home to lush forest remnants. For those who are not so keen on diving, you’ll also be able to look into the depths of the lake all the same thanks to the clear mountain waters.


There are also a variety of minerals (such as lime) that have built up underwater over time and these minerals are responsible for the lake’s vibrant colours. The colours shift from turquoise t emerald green depending on the available sunlight.

Lake Kaindy is 13,120 foot long and is situated approximately nine miles from the well-known Kolsai Lakes. It is recommended to visit the lake from late spring to early fall as you will also be able to admire the flora and fauna in the surround landscape.

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