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May/June 2018 Issue Out Now!

Issue 81 May:June

Our Culture Issue is out!

May/June is what’s considered by the travel industry as ‘shoulder season’ which is a great time to travel because it’s less crowded and cheaper to do so. This issue is also our Culture Issue, which focuses on what makes each country unique.

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Short Trips from Udon Thani


Situated in northeastern Thailand, the regional hub of Udon Thani – or Udon for short – was once a sleepy, far-flung provincial town until it became a major USAF airbase during the Vietnam War. It has since grown into a multiculturally-diverse base you see today, home to one of the largest expat populations in Thailand.

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Underwater Paradise of Taiwan’s Green Island


Taiwan boasts over a dozen of its own unique offshore getaways, which thanks to their quiet landscapes and low-key lifestyle, often go unnoticed by most visitors to the country.

One of the best among these is Green Island. Situated in the tropical seas of Taiwan’s southeast coast – while it used to be better-known as a former penal colony (the sardonically named former prison, Paradise Villa), today it’s arguably one of Asia’s best dive destinations.

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Mar/Apr 2018 Issue Out Now!


Our Nature Issue is out!

Spring is in the air, and it’s the perfect time to explore nature’s glory. This issue, we explore a variety of destinations known for their outdoor offerings, from the isolated archipelago of the Azores to the snow-white tundra of Svalbard and the volcanic wonderland of Hawaii. We’ve also got Asian offerings like Taiwan’s Udon Thani, Taiwan’s Green Island, and Nepal’s Chitwan NP.

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Five Ways to See Five Volcanoes in Kyushu


Japan has 110 active volcanoes scattered throughout the country, with the island of Kyushu being one of the most famous for its variety of volcanoes, from dormant cones to super active craters. Whether you’re looking for that picture-perfect shot of an erupting volcano, or simply curious about what goes on in one, here are some of the most dramatic volcanoes on the island. If you’re planning a visit, do check on the latest eruption status as most volcanoes on Kyushu are active.

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Alcohol-Free Beer Aids Athletes


It’s official! Scientific findings by German Olympic ski team doctor, Johannes Scherr have confirmed what many pro and amateur athletes already knew (or at least suspected), all along: non-alcoholic beer or low-alcohol beer is an ideal isotonic drink, and actually far better for you than most other sugary workout beverages. Specifically, alcohol-free wheat beer, thousands of litres of which have been drunk at the German team’s pavillion in Pyeongchang this year, sponsored courtesy of German brewer, Krombacher.

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Small Wonder: Taiwan’s Little Liuqiu Island


Located about 14km off the southwest coast of Pingtung County, Xiao Liu Qiu (or Little Liuqiu) is a small coral island that’s known for its geological formations, coral beaches, and an abundance of green turtles. Visit during the quieter weekdays, and the island is a perfect getaway where you can swim with sea turtles, explore the coral reefs, visit various temples, stroll through coral caves, or simply relax on the beaches to enjoy a picturesque sunset. While you can visit this island on a day trip, you can also spend a night here at one of the few themed B&Bs or camp by the beach.

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Glamping destinations that blow your mind (and cash)


From lush forests to glacial mountains and vineyards, tented camps are the new byline in luxury, and it’s even got its own vocabulary. Gone are the days of dingy tents and flimsy collapsible chairs – glamorous camping, or ‘glamping’, prove that you don’t need solid walls to soak in the riches. Some of these tents literally take your breath – and your cash – away.

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Jan/Feb 2018 Issue Out Now!


Our Romance Issue is out!

We kick off our very first issue of the year with adventures with a romance theme – these destinations (or activities) are tailored to set the mood with crowd-free destinations that feature breathtaking scenery, unique activities, and even interesting accommodation options. From rail escapes in Central Asia to remote glamping in Antarctica, or exploring the riches of Kyushu, Taiwan or the Romantic Road, we’ve got it covered for your next trip.

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Thermal Bath Island

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 5.37.06 pm

Officially marketed as ‘Onsen Island Kyushu’ by the local tourism board, the island is naturally abundant with hot springs, or onsen in Japanese. The thermal waters are heated by Kyushu’s very landscape, which consists of numerous active volcanic calderas. Here are three best places to have a soak on Kyushu.

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