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Replacing Street Lights With a Moon


A city in China will soon be launching a moon brighter than the original. Within the next couple of years, Chengdu is hoping to launch an artificial moon that would be bright enough to replace streetlights.

The artificial moon is said to be designed to complement the moon at night. The moon would appear eight time brighter than the actual moon, blanketing the city of Chengdu in a dusk-like glow.

The man-made moon would be bright enough to light up an area between six to 50 miles and can be controlled within a close proximity of a few dozen meters. If the artificial moon is launched successfully, the city would be able to save $240 million on in their annual electricity costs.

A project leader has said that the technology behind the satellite launch has been long developed for years and by 2020, the launch of the artificial moon could be become a reality and light up the city of Chengdu.

Developers assures naysayers that the moon would not mess up the rhythm of nature or people in the city. Kang Weimin, director of the Institute of Optics, School of Aerospace, Harbin Institute of Technology, told People’s Daily that the moon would not disturb nocturnal animals because the artificial moon would never get darker than dusk.

Travel Between Hong Kong and Mainland China Conveniently

HSR (1)
Image credit: HKTB

With the growth of globalisation and the advent of technology, the world continues to be increasingly interconnected.

Hong Kong has recently launched its first-ever high-speed railway, the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High Speed Rail (Hong Kong Section) on 23rd September. This was introduced to provide their citizens as well as fellow visitors a more convenient way to travel between Hong Kong and several other Mainland China’s cities.

This 26 km long rail link directly connects Hong Kong to Mainland China’s own network of high-speed rail. China’s high-speed rail network also happens to be the world’s most extensive network at the moment. The rail link would allow travellers from Hong Kong to visit 44 destinations in Mainland China without the hassle of changing trains.

HSR (2)
Image credit: HKTB

To put things into perspective, it will now only take you 48 minutes to travel from Hong Kong to Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

The Hong Kong section of the rail network begins from West Kowloon Station. It has since then become a must-visit spot for tourists, and has received recognition by the World Architecture Festival Awards for its architectural design.

Travellers can access the station via public transport from the Sham Shui Po and Old Town Central neighbourhoods, and is merely a short walk away from Tsim Sha Tsui, the famed food and shopping district. The city’s brand new arts and culture hub, the West Kowloon Cultural District, is also located directly located outside the station.

You Can Now Travel to Your Hotel Via a Traditional Chinese Wooden Boat

Hangzhou (1)
Image credit: Jakub Hałun

Travel is all about accumulating brand new experiences and going on new adventures. A Hangzhou hotel has now introduced a brand new experience that hotel guests can sign themselves up for — travel from the airport to the hotel via a traditional Chinese boat.

This initiative is introduced by Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou located at West Lake. Hotel guests will be picked up from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (or train stations) in a limousine and then driven to the pier of West Lake. Guests will subsequently board a small traditional craft where they can relax and cruise through the scenic lake, passing through beautiful pagoda-topped hills and panoramic vistas of the surrounding area. In addition, longjing tea will be served while the boatman shares fascinating stories, local legends and folklore of West Lake.

The old-fashioned wooden boat ride has been introduced to allow hotel guests have a wholesome and enriching experience to appreciate West Lake better.

 Hangzhou (2)

As of 2011, the West Lake Cultural Landscape has been listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, iconic for representing Hangzhou’s charm and doubling as the major carrier of the city’s cultural and historical legacy. West Lake is populated with pavilions, pagodas, gardens alongside causeways and artificial islands. These famous lakes and hills have been serving as inspiration to well-known poets, artists and scholars since the 9th century.

This Culturally Curious package is time-dependent and more information can be found from the official website of Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake. Alternatively, guests can opt for day trips and enjoy a boat ride during their stay. The hotel offers a breakfast package on the boat at US$228.

Spend a Night Atop the Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China (1)

The Great Wall of China – an ancient series of walls and fortifications, totaling more than 13,000 miles in length that’s located in northern China. Probably the most recognisable icon of China, it has been functioning as a powerful symbol of Chinese civilisation’s enduring strength.

Having been crowned as one of the wonders of the world it also means that the Great Wall of China attracts massive crowds to flock to the site for a glimpse of this ancient allure. If you’ve been wanting an opportunity to experience the wall without the swarms of people, here’s your chance because eight lucky travellers would be able to win themselves a night atop the Great Wall of China next month.

Great Wall of China (2)

A collaboration between the Beijing Tourism Development Committee and Airbnb, winners would be able to call the wall their home for a night. Airbnb has claimed its temporary accommodation atop a watchtower which provides a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. This would be the first time in history that ordinary visitors are permitted to spend a night on the ancient fortification.

The pop-up room is part of a campaign to promote preservation efforts of the Great Wall. The room features a four-poster double bed but is at the same time open to the elements, which is perfect for taking in stunning mountain views during the day and for you to stargaze into the night. The room sleeps two and is complete with modern lamps and floor lighting, with a cosy lounge area furnished with a sofa and dining table. Plus, guests will be able to look forward to enjoying gourmet food and traditional Chinese music before bed and take part in a guided sunrise hike through the countryside as well as a tour of the Great Wall guided by historians.

Enter Airbnb’s online contest here by 11th August. All you have to do is answer: “Why is it more important now than ever to break down barriers between cultures? How would you want to build new connections?” Four winners along with their guests would be flown to China for their stay between 4th to 8th September.

Subway Station to Nowhere


Urban explorers would have a field day in Chongqing – especially at this local metro station that seems to be located in the middle of nowhere (think: abandoned). However, it’s very much still in use.

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