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Get Across Beaches in Sydney Via This Picturesque Coastal Walk


We are familiar with Australia’s stunning beaches and incredible views, but did you know that there are currently plans to construct a brand new 80 km coastal hike between Bondi and Manly beaches in Sydney?

The 80 km coastal hike will take outdoor enthusiasts across some of the country’s most monumental landmarks. Hikers can expect breathtaking beaches, lush landscapes, Aboriginal art and some amazing architecture throughout the course of the coastal walk.


Some of the highlights include Bondi Beach, Camp Cove, Vaucluse and Elizabeth Bay House, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Curlew Camp, Aboriginal culture sites and last but not least Manly Beach.

Portions of the hikes have already been completed but the new plans will ensure these areas are linked up and topped off with clear directions for walkers. In addition, there will also be signs that provide some informative background knowledge to highlight the significance of the landmarks.

Since the proposed route runs through land that is already publicly owned, this minimizes possible disruption to private citizens. The coastal walk will be constructed on one of the world’s greatest natural harbour and brings hikers through four of the six most iconic points in Australia.

Keep yourselves updated with the developments of this coastal walk right here.