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Gear Up For an All-terrain Run Around Flores Island


The first edition of the Azores Trail Runâ – Extreme West Atlantic Trail will be held on 24th November in Flores Island, in the Azores.

Azores Trail Runâ is responsible for organising three other trail running events held in the Azores and is bringing this event to the westernmost island of the Portuguese archipelago for the first time.

Every year, over a thousand athletes with different nationalities come together in Azores to take part in the trail runs. The events take place during the low season and there are only a limited number of spots available that athletes have to qualify for prior to the race.


Azores Trail Runâ – Whalers Great Route was the first event organised by the brand in 2104. The race takes place on the last weekend of May annually. As the years went by, several other events have been added, namely the Triangle Adventure (this takes place for three days in the islands of Faial, Pico, and Sao Jorge), the Columbus Trail (scheduled for the first weekend of February 2019 on the island of Santa Maria) and also the Flores-based Extreme West Atlantic Trail.

Home to unique terrain conditions and having a high potential for tourism development, the Azores is a perfect destination for such sporting events.

Flores as well as neighbouring Corvo is considered to be one of the most remote islands of the Azores. The island’s population stands at approximately 3,800 people and is famous for its untouched natural beauty and canyoning. Tourists generally visit Flores during the high season from June to September each year.

Have a Digital-free Holiday in Cerdeira Village, Portugal

Most children whom are born into the digital age would have a perfect day consisting of nothing but binge watching videos on Youtube, playing video games or getting hypnotised by the wonders of social media. What better way to get your child to peel away from the screen but to bring them to a digital-free holiday in Cerdeira village in Portugal.

It has become a norm for parents to pack a tablet with them when they go on a holiday with their kids. This then serves as the primary entertainment of the child throughout the entire trip.

A two-hour drive north of Lisbon, in the Serra da Lousa mountains, lies the Cerdeira Village nestled in a slope surrounded by forests. The brick walls and its rustic feel makes you feel like you are brought back to the olden days. In Cerdeira, there are about nine tourist houses and half dozen of private homes.

 Cerdeira Village (1)
Image credit: Cerdeira Village

Most of the cottages are equipped with a wood-burning stove, handcrafted wooden furniture, a modern kitchen and a balcony that serves unending stunning views across the valley and mountains below. Needless to say, the cottages are wifi and television free and parents have to get creative when it comes to entertainment.

One can be satisfied by watching a fire burn by the fireplace but getting children to do the same can be quite a challenge. One digital-free activity that can be enjoyed by all ages are board games. A nearby café can loan visitors board games to play with in their cottages.

Taking the little ones on a short hike will be a breeze. There are multiple walking paths that start in the village. Trees that cover the mountains and waterfalls formed by the hillside between large ferns shelter you from the heat of the sun. The trails are a feast for imagination.

  Cerdeira Village (2)
Image credit: 
Cerdeira Village

Cerdeira enables children to run free with rare unfettered freedom as the village is car-free and has plenty of places to play by the nature that surrounds them. There is also a village art studio that holds courses suitable for children. There is a Raku workshop, a nature drawing workshop and many more families can sign up for.

The village today is the work of a German artist, Kerstin Thomas. She and her family arrived in the village in 1988 where the houses were abandoned and there was no electricity and running water. Captivated by the area’s natural beauty, Kerstin and her family renovated the village, one house at a time.

Cerdeira has wifi in the café, but the more you spent your time in this digital-free village, the more redundant these devices became. The urgency and the feeling of having to know what goes on online starts to fade away. Of course a short trip wouldn’t cure the addiction of always being online but it is a good break from it all.

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Douro Valley Half Marathon

The Douro Valley Half Marathon, located in the centre of Douro Vinhateiro, has been said to be one of the worlds most beautiful races. This 21 kilometre marathon flows through the rolling hills of the country side along the Douro river bank. This marathon not only provides picturesque views, but is one of a kind because the participants receive a sample of Port Wine during their experience. In 2017 the region is now preparing to hold its best ever edition with 16,000 participants from 35 countries in this twelfth edition of this race. There will also be special wine tastings, exhibitions and concerts.

  • Event date: 28th May 2017
  • Registration closes 31 March 2017
  • Tickets $25
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