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Bormida Mayor retracts offer to people to move here

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In an attempt to save a village in Italy from becoming a ghost town, the mayor was reportedly offering €2,000 (SGD$3,066) to anyone who wishes to move to this remote mountain village.

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Affordable Ways To Travel To The World’s Most Expensive Places


Is your travel bucket list filled with spots like Iceland, France, and Hawaii? While the costs fluctuate due to exchange rates, here are some tips to get the most bang out of your buck in these destinations.

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Bergamo: Walled City

Situated in the northeast of Italy in the Lombardy region, Bergamo is about an hour’s drive from its glitzy neighbour Milan. Unlike its more famous counterpart, however, Bergamo offers much more than just another Italian city.

Bronze statue on Colleoni Chapel

Bronze carving on Colleoni Chapel

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The Ways of Ritten, Bolzano

A highland plateau close to South Tyrol’s capital of Bolzano, Ritten is a popular area for summer visits due to its number of summer spas and cool hiking trails. Located between the river Talvera and Iscarco, you can get the best views of the Dolomites from here.

The region is home to a fair number of wineries and it’s worth noting that vineyards cover half the hills under Oberbozen, including the famous St. Magdalener.

The Rittnerbahn of the Dolomites

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Bozen or Bolzano?

View of the Dolomites

Spaghetti or Schnitzel? Vespa or Volkswagon? Piazza or Platz? Italian or German?

Bozen (in German), or Bolzano (in Italian), has more than just bilingual signages. This capital of Italy’s Süd Tirol region has an equally strong blend of Italian and German influences, so the locals are not quite sure if they prefer to speak Italian or German, or even if they want to be passionate or efficient at their jobs. As a result, Bozen is a happy, if slightly schizophrenic, city that can make the Germans feel at home in Italy, and make the Italians feel proud to be so efficiently Germanic.

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The Dolomites: Pretty Crags

The jagged peaks of the Dolomites

Straddling Italy’s northern mountainous borders, the jagged peaks of the Dolomites is famous as the birthplace of via ferrata (or the ‘iron way’), when Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops devised metal ladders to traverse this vertical landscape during WWI. Today, this pristine UNESCO World Heritage site is a popular place for hiking, climbing and of course, via ferrata. Surrounding this collection of unruly crags are picturesque alpine pastures and small rest huts where you can enjoy a hearty meal after a long day’s activity. Excursions and via ferrata trips are available from the nearby town of Bolzano.