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Biohacking a bulletproof lifestyle: for beginners


You may have heard of the Bulletproof lifestyle, but even if you haven’t, you’ve probably heard of the weird trend of butter coffee – a trend that Dave Asprey (the creator of the Bulletproof lifestyle) brought back from his trip to Nepal where he was enamored with yak butter coffee.

So, what is the ‘Bulletproof lifestyle’ exactly? If you haven’t heard of it, it’s pretty much similar to many of the dietary principles out there: a ketogenic diet of low carbs, combined with intermittent fasting, and of course, butter coffee.

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South Africa in Autumn


South Africa, popular on almost every traveller’s bucket list, is a great place to visit at any time of the year but this September promises to be particularly special. Beyond iconic experiences like the Kruger National Park, Table Mountain, the V&A Waterfront, and the Durban beaches, there’s a whole lot more going on this time of the year.

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Banff on foot, horseback or skis

@ Paul Zizka

@ Paul Zizka

Located about 130km west of Calgary, Banff is Canada’s first national park, designated in 1883.

While summer is popular for hiking, mountain biking, photography, and climbing, the best time to view its seasonal colour is during autumn when the larch trees – the only coniferous trees to lose their needles in winter – turn yellow. In winter, it’s a mecca for downhill and cross-country skiing with its 3 major ski resorts; ski season runs from November to May, and in addition to skiing, you can go ice walking, snowshoeing, and dogsledding.

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Wales: MTB haven

@ Visit Wales Image Centre

@ Visit Wales Image Centre

From the craggy peaks of Snowdonia to the lush green hills of the Brecon Beacons, Wales may not have soaring mountains, but its undulating landscape does have it all when it comes to mountain biking. As such, there are between 500km to 600km of purpose-built spectacular singletrack all across Wales, complete with all-weather trail centres, freeride hotspots, bike parks, and wild natural tracks. It’s definitely a hotspot for MTB riders.

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Soaring Ambitions: Climbing Concordia

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 6.17.29 pm

Described as the “throne room of the mountain gods”, Concordia – named after Place de La Concorde by Frenchman Martin Conway who was exploring the area in 1892 – is located near the border of Pakistan and China. Situated where the Baltoro Glacier and the Godwin Austen Glacier meet in a natural amphitheatre, it provides a 360° panorama view of four of the world’s 14 peaks above 8,000m within a radius of 21km.

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Sep/Oct 2017 Issue Out Now!

cover65Our Mountain Issue is out!

It’s time for our Mountain Issue! From low-lying mountains to soaring peaks, we’ve got them all covered. Plus, in addition to trekking, we’ve got a variety of activities you can do at some of these mountainous locales – whether it’s cultural explorations, nature watching or mountain biking, we’ve got them covered in places like Wales, Canada and Ecuador.

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Top Fitness Myths


By Jethro Wegener

There is so much information about fitness out there, with plenty of sources telling you what is right and what is wrong. However, not all of it is true. Some commonly held beliefs are actually wrong. Here are some top myths.

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Central Japan: Toyama, Nagano & Gifu


Central Japan’s different prefectures collectively share some of Japan’s oldest cultures and traditions.

Cutting through the region is the long-extinct Nakasendo roadway, which once connected Edo (the historic name for Tokyo) and Kyoto, the old imperial capital of Japan, leaving behind a number of old restored postal towns in Nagano and Gifu prefectures that are frozen in a bygone era. Another long-living tradition thrives in Gifu prefecture’s Shirakawa-Go, a World Heritage site with nearly a thousand years of history, and home to residents who claim the first samurai to ever cross swords were from their region.

Cutting across the Central Japan region is the Kurobe River – the lifeline of the region’s high-quality agricultural produce including its renowned wasabi, sake, and even wine. It also cuts a spectacular visual feast for travellers along the famed Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route in Toyama prefecture.

Together, Toyama, Nagano and Gifu offer travellers a wealth of natural wonders, unique seafood, and many stunning cultural sites, making them a perfect alternative to the bright lights of Tokyo.

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Jul/Aug 2017 Issue Out Now!

cover65Our Culture Issue is out!

Whether you’re into experiencing age-old traditions, or simply love exploring landscapes that have been touched by human habitation, this issue is all about some of the most iconic combinations of people and places out there. Our Culture Issue covers historic destinations and ancient customs, in places like Japan, Europe, and Cape Town.

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Choosing your core training: for swimmers


We’ve all heard the word ‘core training’ and ‘core strength’ thrown about in fitness circles. For athletes, whether you run, cycle or swim, you know that having adequate core strength is very important in order to avoid preventable injuries since most activities require a good body balance.

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