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Africa’s Best Walking Safaris


A walking safari is one of the best and most authentic ways to experience Africa’s diverse range of wildlife. From a herd of elephants walking mere metres in front of you, to tracking a lion through the bush, they are hardly ever short of great experiences. Here are some of Africa’s best.

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Apps for Active Folks


Research from JMIR (Journal of Medical Internet Research) has shown that exercise app users are more likely to exercise during their leisure time, compared to those who do not. This could be due to the fact that it’s making it easier for users to access. Whether you’re training for your first marathon/triathlon or attempting to shed some weight, or planning to go for nearby classes with a new workout buddy, there’s a download that can help amp up your results.

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Marathons: Setting Goals


With a rapidly-growing list of marathons and fun runs that keep popping up almost every week in Singapore, it’ll only be a matter of time before leisure runners (and even non athletic types) will start taking part in one. But if you haven’t run a marathon (or long distance) before, there are things to keep in mind when preparing for one.

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Affordable Ways To Travel To The World’s Most Expensive Places


Is your travel bucket list filled with spots like Iceland, France, and Hawaii? While the costs fluctuate due to exchange rates, here are some tips to get the most bang out of your buck in these destinations.

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Airlines That Offer Free Internet

We have become a society that is virtually almost always connected and dependant on the internet. Luckily, for the people who don’t enjoy the disconnected feeling on planes and are budget conscious, more and more airlines are offering free internet. There are currently only a portion of airlines who offer this service, JetBlue Airways being the first airline to offer this service, but hopefully this will spark a change for free Wi-Fi on more airlines.

The airlines that offer free internet are:

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Meet These Working Dogs on Your Next Trip


It is hard to imagine a world with no cuddly, loyal dogs by our side. Dogs have been our companion for hundreds of years not only as a domestic pet, but assisting us in crucial jobs. Dogs have helped soldiers, the blind, police and many more. Some even make travelling more fun.

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US and UK ban cabin electronics on selected inbound flights


Just yesterday, the US and UK have announced new carry-on restrictions banning laptops (and electronic devices larger than mobile phone, or measuring 16 x 9.3cm) on certain passenger flights.

The requirement forbids passengers from bringing laptops, iPads, Kindles and even cameras larger than mobile phones into the cabin. All such devices – except medical devices – must be checked in.

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Mar/Apr 2017 Issue Out Now!

cover65Our Short Break + Urban Adventure Issue is out!

Whether you’re exploring the jungles in Borneo, the pristine islands all over Southeast Asia, or checking out the ancient culture of Indochina and Papua New Guinea, this issue’s ‘short break’ trips need not be far from home. If you’re itching to travel, we’ve also got a number of destinations in Europe where you can enjoy its breathtaking landscape without being too far from cities in our ‘urban adventure’ section.

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Move over, glamping. There’s champing.


What is ‘champing’, exactly? A term concocted (and trademarked) by the UK’s Churches Conservation Trust, ‘champing’ combines the words ‘church’ and ‘camping’ – yes, this means you’re sleeping in a church. An abandoned one, at that.

But don’t worry, it’s not exactly the YMCA – in fact, the CCT has a network of 12 churches so far where you can camp out in style. Fret not – you don’t have to be a Christian and they don’t hold services. You don’t even have to share the church with strangers.

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Travelling to Aus? Watch out for fake AUD100 & AUD50 notes


While Australia is largely considered a cashless society, there have been news of fake AU$100 and AU$50 notes in circulation. While it’s rare to spend large notes on the ground while travelling, chances are that travellers may come across them at money changers. In December 2016, there’s been a surge in circulation of these notes, particularly the AU$100.

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