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Move over, glamping. There’s champing.


What is ‘champing’, exactly? A term concocted (and trademarked) by the UK’s Churches Conservation Trust, ‘champing’ combines the words ‘church’ and ‘camping’ – yes, this means you’re sleeping in a church. An abandoned one, at that.

But don’t worry, it’s not exactly the YMCA – in fact, the CCT has a network of 12 churches so far where you can camp out in style. Fret not – you don’t have to be a Christian and they don’t hold services. You don’t even have to share the church with strangers.

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Cheddar Gorge: Chalk and Cheese

A cottage in Cheddar Gorge

Mention ‘Cheddar’ and almost immediately, you’d think cheese. While Cheddar Gorge is indeed the birthplace of the famous sandwich accompaniment, the area is also known for its abundance of rock formations and stalactite caverns (it’s Britain’s largest gorge). Those looking for a bit of English heritage can find plenty of tea and cheese shops, while those looking for a dramatic scenery can appreciate its serenity from the saddle of a bike. If you fancy a stroll, take on a walking trail that takes you to the top of the gorge, where you’ll get spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. Adventure enthusiasts will be able to treat themselves to a variety of rock climbing and caving expeditions available on site.