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High-Fiving Each Other on a Roller Coaster Ride?

West Coast Racers
Image credit: Six Flags

Adrenaline junkies, this one’s for you! Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles have big plans for you — a new slate of rides and roller coasters are coming  your way very soon.

Six Flags Magic Mountain has recently announced their new rides for 2019, including the West Coast Racers — the world’s first racing launch coaster. This new ride is different from traditional roller coasters that utilise chains and pulleys to lift the coaster up a hill and subsequently using gravity to pull it down. The West Coast Racers will be using a propulsion system to push it forward.

You’ll be going on two complete laps during your ride, covering several airtime hills, extreme banking turns and experiencing four total inversions which include three zero-G rolls and a zero-G stall. As there are two cars racing during the ride, the trains interact more than 30 times at it gets so close a point in time that you could “high-five” someone on the opposing trains. At the coaster’s fastest point, you will be experiencing it at a speed of 55 mph.

The West Coast Racers is not the only ride to look out for as there are still plenty of roller coasters for you to choose from and enjoy. Did you know that Magic Mountain is the world record holder for the most number of coasters in one park? West Coast Racers will become the park’s 20th roller coaster upon completion.

Although there is not precise date for the launch of the roller coaster, stay tuned and be prepared to book your tickets for Summer 2019 for an awesome vacation at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Bring Your Own Board to California


A top destination for surfing enthusiasts, California’s beaches are bound to blow you away. That being said, surfers will be delighted to know that it will now be easier for travellers to bring their own boards with the waiver of additional fees.

California has recently named surfing as the official state sport and United Airlines will be chipping in to celebrate the occasion. The airline will be removing the additional $150 to $200 service fee that is required to check in a surfboard, wakeboard or paddleboard on direct United Airlines flights. This will be valid for flights starting or ending at any of the California airports.


This is part of the airline’s efforts to make it easier for their passengers to surf the beautiful beaches of California. United Airlines connects approximately 18 million annual passengers through its hubs in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Although there are several airlines around the world that allow surfboards to be included as a regular piece of luggage, there are still a few that charge at least $100 for you to bring your equipment along. United Airlines has also donated $50,000 to Sustainable Surf — a non-profit that has the aim of using surfing to help alleviate the ocean health crises.