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These Popular Destinations Just Got More Affordable in 2019


Kayak, the fare aggregator and travel metasearch engine has recently released its 2019 Travel Hacker Guide and a list of information ranging from the best times to book flights and hotels to trending destinations and budget-friendly trips. Don’t be under the impression that a “budget-friendly” trip would mean a sub-standard vacation, you’ll be delighted to find that these trips will still make you feel great and promise an experience like no other.

In order to compile these destinations, Kayak has analysed over 1.5 billion annual travel searches and took into consideration flight and hotel prices to narrow down on the top cities to visit on a budget this year. Denver, Colorado topped the list this year.

According to the research done by Kayak, travels and stays in Denver this 2019 may be approximately 55% less expensive than what the average trip might have cost in 2018. During your stay in the city, Kayak recommends that you can browse through exhibits at MCA Denver (tickets will only cost you US$8 each). Make the most out of your trip by chilling out at the rooftop cafe and take in the city views for free. In order to secure the best deal, it is recommended that travellers book their flights approximately a month in advance. When it comes to accomodations, consider spending a few nights at the Hilton Denver City Center which is available at an attractive price and has a superb 8.7 rating.


Alternatively, consider visiting Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, where travellers will most likely save up to 54% on trips here. Budget-friendly activities include spending time at the beach (which is free) or perhaps taking a hike at Myrtle Beach State Park which will only cost you US$5 for admission.

Other destinations on the list include Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Boston, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Houston and Fort Myers.

Catch a Glimpse of the Solar Eclipse in South America


Are you travelling to South America this July? You’ll be excited to know that your trip will be extra memorable with the solar eclipse that is happening on 2nd July and will be visible in both Argentina and Chile.

Fun fact: a total solar eclipse is visible from a location on Earth approximately every year and a half. “The path of totality” is identified as the best for viewing any eclipse, and this refers to the centre of the path where the full effect of the eclipse can be seen. The more your deviate from the truth path of totality, you will find the total eclipse becoming a partial eclipse. As for the 2019 eclipse, the path of totality will be crossing a section of land across central Chile and Argentina.


You will find that the total eclipse will be visible just outside of Buenos Aires, which happens to be the most populated area along the path of totality and will be equally crowded as well. Over at Chile, the eclipse will be passing over Elqui Valley. Known for its clear skies and high elevation, the area is a popular stargazing spot and was declared as the the world’s first International Dark Sky Sanctuary.

There are also tours bringing you out to Chile’s Atacama and Coquimbo regions, or various areas in Argentina to catch the eclipse. A number of tours boast experts and eclipse chasers while others bundle in other aspects of South American culture such as wine and hiking.

As a gentle reminder by NASA, travellers should check the weather conditions and forecast prior to the eclipse and select a spot that is most likely to have a cloud-free sky during the eclipse.

What Do You Think About Running An Island Inn Off the Coast of San Francisco?


The East Brother Light Station is a lighthouse located on East Brother Island in San Rafael, near the tip of Point San Pablo in Richmond, California. This small island that is located off the coast of San Francisco has an opening that is offering a US$130,000 annual salary.

Apart from the lighthouse, the island is also home to a small inn that only operates for four days a week. Since current innkeepers Che Rodgers and Jillian Meeker are giving up their roles, they have been actively seeking successors to take their place.

The remuneration may sound attractive, but applicants should also note that it comes with a fair amount of work: housekeeping, bookkeeping, tending the front desk and ferrying guests to and from the island. In other words, applicants will find themselves running operations of the bed and breakfast. Since the island is rather isolated, applicants will not have access to television or Wi-Fi as well.


In order to be considered for the position, the applicant must be a couple and one of them must possess a Coast Guard commercial boat operator’s license. You should also note that those with impressive culinary experience and capability will be a critical point for consideration. Successful candidates will find themselves beginning work in mid-April 2019.

The new keepers to the inn will get both room and board and enter into a revenue sharing model which amounts to approximately US$130,000 each year. Of course, the salary could possibly go higher if the new keepers excel in marketing to property.

Interested candidates can download the application here.

You Can Now Travel on the Job


Everyone dreams of travelling the world and taking beautiful pictures to capture those fleeting moments. With a brand new dream job, photography website Perfocal is on a lookout for a family photographer that will be travelling extensively in 2019.

The reason Perfocal is looking for a family photographer is because a wealthy family is seeking a personal photographer who is able to travel internationally with them for at least 12 months so as to take pictures of their vacations.


The family has warned that travel periods may last up to three months at a time and the photographer may only receive a few days notice before packing up and leaving again. Though the days may be long, totalling up to 10 hours a day, the selected photographer will receive full sick pay and 30 day holidays.

The selected photographer will receive an annual salary of US$102,000 on top of having his or her food, and accommodation expenses to be full covered. At the same time, the photographer will be attending some big events in the world such as th Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the Rio de Janeiro carnival as well as the F1 Grand Prix.

It is required that the photographer has five years of experience in shooting similar photographers and shortlisted candidates will be going through extensive background checks. Next, there will also be a weekend-long interview process with the family to ensure that the photographer is suited for the job.

If you’re ready to sign up for a new adventure in 2019, you can give this role a shot right here.

What Did You Discover During Your Travels in 2018?


As 2018 comes to a close, it is time to consolidate some of the best travel discoveries that we all made through the year. From a locals’ bar with live music, a family-run B&B to unique museums that made an impression during your trip, it could literally be anything. Not forgetting yummy cafes, hipster vinyl stores, amazing beaches and nature expeditions that you signed up for.


The Guardian is now on the lookout for travel discoveries of 2018. All you have to do is to submit your favourite travel discovery and provide addresses and websites (or Facebook pages) of the aforementioned businesses, and exact locations of beaches, walks and beauty spots. Take note that your travel discovery should be described in approximately 100 words.

The best tips will be features on the Guardian Travel website and may also be selected to appear in print in Guardian Travel. The winner will then be chosen by Tom Hall of Lonely Planet and receive a £200 hotel voucher from, which grants you a change to stay in a hotel of your choice from the selection of 260,000 places worldwide.

The competition closes on Tuesday 18th December at 10am GMT and you can submit your entries here.

Visit the crystal clear lake in Oregon


Hidden inside Willamette National Forest in Oregon, is a crystal clear lake that has its own secrets for everyone to explore and discover.

Clear Lake was formed around 3,000 years ago as a result of the lava flows from Sand Mountain, creating a natural dam at the south end of the lake that slowly filled with water over the years. The lake is primarily fed by snow from the nearby Mount Washington but is filtered through the underground springs that flow all year round.

Part of the surroundings of the lake, which were part forests, are now submerged into the water overtime. With the lakes cold temperatures, it has preserved majority of the trees, revealing what seems like a magical underwater world. Some of the trees submerged extend as far as 120 feet into the lake.

Due to the volcanic activity that has occurred in the past, the ground’s of the lake is also covered in volcanic silt. Which is so thick, it looks very closely like white sand. The lake also hides a collection of shipwrecks of wooden boats, some of which dates back to the 1920’s. These shipwrecks and the volcanic silt is what attracts many for an otherworldly diving experience.

While the lake is perfect for diving expeditions, it does present itself as a challenge. The temperatures of Clear Lake get as cold as 37 degree Fahrenheit (2.8 degree Celsius). For those who aren’t up for the chilly temperature, the lake also provides rowboat rentals and kayaks. The lake is so clear you can just row over the sights and not worry about murky.

Apart from diving and rowing boats in Clear Lake, there are also trails open for you to hike at. Clear Loop Trail and Mackenzie River National Recreational Trail are both nearby the area, the trails would lead you through areas that had lava flows and volcanic glass. From May to June, the forests is filled with wildflowers and throughout October, Vine maples and a wave of other colours blanket the forest.

Changes to Australia’s Working Holiday Visa


The Australian government has implemented some changes to relax the visa rules for backpackers. There will now be more opportunities for everyone to explore the land down under via a working holiday to Australia.

Previously, backpackers can only stay with their agricultural employer for a maximum of six months. With the new rules put in place, backpackers are now allowed to stay with their agricultural employer for up to a year. Plus, if you’re keen to take on extra agricultural work, you’ll also have the opportunity to stay in Australia for three years.


The government also plans to remove the annual cap on workers on increase the age limit from 30 to 35 people from several countries, a few of which including Canada and Ireland. In the past, backpackers may have faced limitations in accepting agricultural work in Northern Australia. However, they will now enjoy greater flexibility to work in different regions.

As for Australia’s Seasonal Worker Programme, changes have been made to allow people from nine Pacific Island countries to come and work on farms in Oz. Eligible workers will now be allowed to stay nine months, as compared to the previous six months, and employers will also have to cover less costs.

The new changes have been put in place as part of the Australian government’s effort to help fill agricultural jobs as farmers continue to struggle to meet the labour demands of growing season. Due to the nature of farm work being physically demanding, there can be difficulty attracting Australian workers to apply for such jobs.

How to Apply?

At the moment, passports from 19 different countries are eligible to apply for a working holiday visa for Oz, and applications are eligible for travellers who are 30 or under. For the case of Ireland and Canada, the age cap is at 35. For more information, you can visit the Department of Home Affairs website.

Get Yourselves a Free Stay at These B&Bs by Trading Your Skills

Image credit: Barter Week

You can now exchange some goods and services in return for free stays in bed & breakfasts worldwide. Barter Week is happening from 19 to 25 November, where travellers can stay in B&Bs without any payment if you happen to be skilled in manual, teaching or creative tasks. Plus, you can also stay for free if you arrive with something from your home for your bed and breakfast hosts.

unnamed-5 (1)_resized
Image credit: Barter Week

Approximately 450 B&Bs in over 60 countries on every continent have signed up for the scheme at the moment. Taking place during the third week of November, Barter Week is the international spin-off of Italy’s “Settimana del Baratto,” the annual event that is promoted by, which will be celebrating its tenth edition this year.

You will be able to browse through a site which contains the listings of the participating B&Bs around the world. Each entry contains a host wish-list that gives you an idea of what is being requested in exchange for the free stay. Once you select your B&B of choice and determine that you’re able to meet any of the requests posted, you can simply contact the hosts and begin bargaining.

In the event that there is no wish list available, you’re able to offer a barter of your own, perhaps language lessons or a collector’s item. If you’re a B&B owner who want to participate in Barter Week, you can simply add your name to the site, with a presentation complete with photos and descriptions of the barter that will be put on offer.

Check out your barter opportunities right here.

You Can Now Fly on the World’s First Craft Beer Airline

Image credit: BrewDog

Do you remember the world’s first beer hotel? BrewDog, the makers of the world’s first beer hotel is now launching the “world’s first craft beer airline.”

BrewDog is now launching beer themed flights to its property, The DogHouse hotel,  come February 2019.

The flight will be trialed before being extended to later periods should there be enough demand. It will be taking off on February 21, transporting passenger between London and The DogHouse’s location in Columbus.

Passengers will be able to enjoy the round-trip flight onboard a Boeing 767. The flight will be filled with perks for beery lovers ranging from tastings of limited-edition brews prepared by BrewDog’s team to combat the change in taste and smell that can occur in higher altitudes onboard aircraft, as well as food and beer pairings.

On top of that, passengers can indulge in onboard cocktails and amenity kits that come with eye masks and blankets before landing in Columbus to enjoy a four-night stay in a downtown Columbus hotel. Guests can also opt to stay at BrewDog’s The Doghouse — complete with in-room taps, shower mini fridges stocked with beers as well as beer-infused spa treatments.

As part of their itinerary, guests will be able to tour BrewDog’s brewery, hotel and beer museum before going on tours of local breweries, bars and restaurant tours in Columbus and Cincinnati.

This round-trip flight will be taking place from 21st February to 25th February and is only open to BrewDog Equity Punks, which requires a minimum investment of $50 in return for a share in the company.

You can expect the flight to be approximately US$1,605 per person, inclusive of all flights, excursion and accommodation costs. In addition, there will be five lucky winners who can score a free seat on the flight by taking part in BrewDog’s social media competitio

Go on a Polar Adventure on a Luxury Cruise


Gone are the days where luxury vacations are limited to just laying on a sun kissed beach, idling the hours away. If you want to go for a cooler option, you can add a polar cruise to your list.

Starting its voyage in 2020, a new ship from the polar adventure cruise company, Quark Expeditions, will be bringing visitors to nearer to the icy nature while still serving unparalleled comfort on board.

Quark has been a pioneer in polar cruising as early as the 90s, taking on routes such as Antarctica’s South Shetland Islands, the Drake Passage, and everywhere else in both the polar circles. The polar adventure company has blended comfort with excitement but with the new vessel, the company presents a new concept.


The cruise ship would be somewhat a floating five-star hotel that would be taking visitors to some of the world’s most immaculate and otherworldly icy waters. The 200-passenger ship will be more powerful and expedition-ready than any of their ship in the fleet, having the capabilities of reaching farther into more remote areas.

The ship is said to have luxury amenities such as a fitness room that overlooks the waters and sky, a high-end restaurant and wine-bar that will have window views from every seat and cabins are to have large windows and/or balconies for the water views.

Quark has designed a vessel specifically for the polar environment and is currently being built in Croatia by experienced manufacturer, Brodosplit, while getting input from Quarks very own polar experts and Norwegian naval architect, LMG Marin.

The yet to be named vessel will also be able to travel longer without refuelling or restocking food and water. The ship will be able to travel for 40 days, up from the previous limit of 30 days. Not only does this increase passenger safety, but it also gives more opportunity to bring guests deeper into the polar environment.

Booking Quark Expeditions new cruise will begin early 2019, with discounts and/or free transfer packages on selected cruises.